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Montage Mountain Ski Patrol - 1000 Montage Mountain Road - Scranton, Pennsylvania 18507


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Montage Mountain

2010 Torchlight Parade

Sometimes we get a little fired up and we light up the mountain!

Jim Widenor

Patrol Representative


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Montage Mountain Ski Patrol

   Montage Mountain Ski Patrol, formerly the Snö Mountain

   Ski Patrol and formerly the Montage Mountain Ski Patrol,

   originated in the weeks before the newly built Montage

   Mountain Ski Area was about to open in December of 1984.

Patrol History

   We are an alpine ski patrol.

   We are affiliated with the Eastern Pennsylvania Region

   of the Eastern Division of the National Ski Patrol.

   We patrol the trails of Montage Mountain in Scranton, PA.

   Currently, our patrol has flourished to just under 100


   The newly formed patrol was headed initially by Sandy Scull

   and assisted by Al Evans who later replaced Sandy as patrol


   Besides these two National Ski Patrollers, there where five

   other NSP members which transferred to this newly formed

   patrol from other mountains.  The remainder of the patrol

   was made up of 35 candidates who had just completed their

   Red Cross Advanced First aid class. They were trained to

   NSP Standards and upgraded to basic patrollers by early

   January 1985 when another group of candidates came on

   board. The season ended with a patrol of over 50 members.