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What does it take to become a patroller?

●   National Ski Patrol members are people of age 18 and older with a

     strong desire to help others.

●   People who want to learn.

●   People who want to use outdoor emergency care skills in helping others.

●   People who want to improve their skiing or snowboarding skills.

●   People who want to help make outdoor recreation safer for all.

●   People who enjoy volunteering and having fun together with others.

     Membership requirements for volunteer and paid patrollers of the National Ski

Patrol members include:  Association with a local patrol as an Alpine Patroller

(Skier or Snowboarder) or as a Nordic Patroller.  Complete credentialed courses in

Outdoor Emergency Care, CPR and Skiing and Toboggan Handling.  Continuing

education through annual refreshers and local patrol training are requirements to

maintain membership.

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