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Night Coverage Request!


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Montage Mountain Ski Patrol Night Coverage Request Form

Night Coverage Request

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Montage Mountain Ski Patrol - 1000 Montage Mountain Road - Scranton, Pennsylvania 18507

                           Montage Mountain Ski Patrol Night Coverage Request Form

Attention Patrollers…

Prior to using this Night Coverage Request Form please remember the following:

     1) You have attempted to find coverage through your "friend list" but have not

          been successful and you need to search further.

     2) An email will be sent out to all patrollers on your behalf asking for someone

          to cover for you on the night of your absence.

     3) Please make certain that you enter the correct day and date that you are seeking

          needed coverage.

     4) Provide additional information including:

              a) Your email address;

              b) The best phone number to reach you at;

              c) The best time(s) for you to be reached;

              d) The nights that you are available to provide reciprocal coverage.

           Note: If you can not find your name by your radio number…

                      1) Please scroll to the bottom the list and select the "000" selection

                           and also add your name to the "Additional Information" section below.

                      2) Additionally, if you can not find your name by your radio number,

                           please send an email including your full name and radio number to:

                   so that we may

                           update our files. 

Select Your Patroller Name (by Radio Number):

Select Requested Coverage Night (Sunday to Saturday):

Select Requested Coverage Month (January to December):

Select Requested Coverage Day (1 to 31):

Select Requested Coverage Year (2018 to 2020):

Add Your Additional Information Here:

Submit your request by clicking on this submit button:

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