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Montage Mountain Ski Patrol - 1000 Montage Mountain Road - Scranton, Pennsylvania 18507


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Being that we just changed our name, the current photos being displayed

here are from our patrol history of being known as Snö Mountain Ski Patrol.

Check back to see new photos of our team in action as this new year moves

forward for us as Montage Mountain Ski Patrol!


Montage Mountain Ski Patrol Photos

2011 Snö Mountain Ski Patrol & SAT Summer Picnic

2008 - 2009 Patrol Photo

2007 "Sunday" Group Photo

Mountain at night.

Snö Mountain Ski Patrol

NSP Certificate of Appreciation

Flag Presentation to Snö Mountain Ski Patrol

from LTC Patrick Cusick - 01/08/2011.

Flag was flown over

the former dictator's palace in Iraq.

Snö Mountain's Moose patrolling with

the Snö Mountain Ski Patrollers!

Ski Patrol's expert chefs!

Speedy deliveries on skis!

2013 Montage Mountain Ski Patrol - 09/21/2013

Infect Scranton Zombie Survivor Challenge at Montage Mountain